In Loving Memory of Lindsay M Hawley

Within the first few hours of 2017, we lost a major.

Lindsay M Hawley was an inspiration to the world. She was a pillar of love and creativity, and her achievements were super-human. She lived more in her 28 years than most ever experience.  Lindsay was caring, generous, loving, and a hard working ray of bright light. She was the type of person who helped you be and love who you really are… she was everyone’s best friend.Live More Happy | The Lindsay M Hawley Foundation

Everything she did had a cause and a purpose. Her legacy is already living on through all the people who’s hearts she touched.

What This Space is About

Lindsay viewed herself as a platform. She truly dedicated her life to making the world better, and making people care more.

She and I worked together on projects and considered ourselves business partners, continually bringing each other on to add value to clients and causes. She was extremely progressive in thinking (and doing). I truly feel that Lindsay would want us to carry on her torch, to live like her and project together to make the world a better place.

Please view this platform as an extension of her. Give feedback where you’d like to see something changed and feel free to suggest improvements. Nothing you share here and no info you submit will ever be used for anything else, you have my promise (if you don’t know me, find me here:

I miss Lindsay every day. Projecting in her name and honor has helped. I only hope to continue to #LiveMoreHappy.

♥  RIP Linz  ♥

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