How to #LiveMoreHappy

Friends of Lindsay!

This is a new place (to compliment her to share projects, updates, and connect with each other… which is one of the things she wanted.

She left some big shoes to fill.

How to Use this Site:

  1. Create a Profile — add photo, bio, location, social links
  2. Use the button ‘+ Add Work’ to post a project you’ve either completed or have working in progress
  3. Check out the other projects and comment when you see ways you can help
  4. Browse projects and create a collection to keep track of ones you like
  5. Add friends you know, post comments and photos to their wall
  6. Write a Blog Post!  Do you have a favorite memory of Lindsay?  A valuable lesson she taught you and you’d like to share? An update from a memorial service honoring her?  Articles you write will appear on your profile, as well as post to the main blog.
  7. Comment and add topics to the Forum in the Lindsay’s Loves group
  8. Invite others you know she loved, or others you believe this platform will help

Let’s keep her fight going strong!